Gladhill Furniture Ripoff

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Mid January my husband and I ordered a bedroom suite from Gladhill Furniture, it was finally delivered on May 30th.As soon as the first piece was uncovered I told the delivered people to put it right back on the truck, however after considering that my husband was not home I allowed the rest to be unloaded so he could have time to see it.

Each piece of furniture has a blotchy, uneven finish. The owner of Gladhill came out to see it and said he would do nothing to help us and "Mr. Gladhill" said that was normal and he would let his lawyer handle it! We are stuck with a VERY EXPENSIVE bedroom suite that is so defective!

I am just shocked that they have no customer satisfaction policy!

My husbands solution would be to just set it on 96db6

Monetary Loss: $9500.

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  • Middletown Md
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Thurmont, Maryland, United States #682283

So happy for your successful experience with Gladhill Furniture, however one persons’ positive experience does not universally guarantee all customers have identical outcomes. When one purchases a sweater to match an outfit, brings it home and finds it does not match after all the consumer does not send it to the manufacturer they return it to store from which it was purchased. Likewise when a person orders a pair of eyeglasses and finds them to be a poor fit they do not return them to the manufacturer they go to the eye doctor from which they were ordered. That is the beauty of the middleman, he charges a significant markup in exchange for being the sales and satisfaction department, so to speak.

Lets be clear, We are not unhappy with the furniture choice we made! We are however disappointed with the callous indifference of the middleman who displays the utmost concern for his own wallet at the expense of consumers who put their faith in the notion that he will deal with them honorably. We are also extremely unhappy with poor quality of workmanship. I do feel compelled to assert that if you were in our shoe on THIS CIRCUMSTANCE my money says you also would be dissatisfied and frustrated.

You do present one nagging question, that being what relationship do you have with this company as you seem VERY pasionatly loyal?

Oh and by the way... No need for derogatory implications!

Frederick, Maryland, United States #679820

This is complete ***,ive had nothing but great experiences at gladhill, and anytime a piece is 'defective" im sure the manufacturer would replace it. Gladhill does almost all special order which is what takes time, and any bedroom suite ordered there wood be custom hardwood where the customer picks the finish wood extc.


Sounds like this consumer didn't like the choice they mad on a finish and is bitter and blaming the store and its owner. At any rate the manufacturer would be to blame and should be taking the complaints not the middleman.

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